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AphtX - Mouth Gel

AphtX - Mouth Gel
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AphtX - Mouth Gel
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  • Brand: Hager Werken
  • Model: MARAX001

APHTEN TREATMENT: AphtX – Mouth healing gel for injury to the oral mucosa, inflammation in the mouth, wound in the mouth or oral mucosa, supports and promotes wound healing.

Care and protection: AphtX mouth gel contains carefully selected plant ingredients and has been developed in collaboration with dental experts – works quickly and soothes.

Mouth wound ointment: the aphtic agent provides rapid wound healing in the mouth for inflammation - the aphten ointment promotes the regeneration process thanks to its rich ingredients.

Application: apply the oral healing gel several times a day (3 – 5 times) directly to the aphth, small wound in the mouth, irritation or pressure point and gently massage in - application over several days.

Taste-neutral: the mouth inflammation gel from Mara Expert contains plant ingredients and is alcohol-free - the care gel is tasteless and relieves pain quickly.

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