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Model: 1001620
ApaCare & Repair intensive repair is very highly enriched with medical hydroxyapatite (liquid tooth enamel), which coats your teeth with a protective layer, whitens them to a high gloss and impregnates them to repel bacteria or plaque. Sensitivities can be soothed, incipient caries, pores and ro..
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Model: 1001619
ApaCare toothpaste contains liquid tooth enamel (medical hydroxyapatite) in addition to sodium fluoride (1450 ppm F-). This highly active mineral is deposited on or into the tooth surface during tooth brushing. The carefully selected ingredients clean thoroughly, fluoride and liquid enamel nourish, ..
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ApaCare - varnish (whit brush) 5ml ApaCare - varnish (whit brush) 5ml
Available two/three weeks
Model: 1040200
Natural, mineralizing dental bonding varnish with 20% medical hydroxyapatite (liquid tooth enamel), shellac-based, self-curing. After curing, a durable, protective, biocompatible varnish layer forms, this swells in the oral cavity by absorbing water from saliva and continuously releases the hydroxya..
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Model: 1002020
Professional sonic and 3D toothbrush for gentle and very thorough tooth cleaning.High-quality, beautifully designed electric sonic toothbrush.ApaCare Sonic was developed by dentists and is at the cutting edge of sonic technology, the brush heads are optimized to gently remove all deposits (3D Sensit..
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Model: 1002021
Practical travel case for the ApaCare Sonic electric toothbrush.With space for two brush ends...
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Model: 1002022
ApaCare Sonic 3D sensitive brush heads for ApaCare Sonic sonic toothbrush   2 interchangeable brush heads for ApaCare Sonic sonic toothbrush3D Sensitive TechnologyGentle and highly effectiveExcellent cleaning of teeth, gums, implants, braces and dentures..
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Model: 1002023
ApaCare Sonic Inter Polish brushes (for interdental spaces) for ApaCare Sonic Toothbrush.    2 interchangeable brush heads for ApaCare Sonic sonic toothbrush3D Sensitive TechnologyEspecially for cleaning interdental spaces and bracesFor removing tartar in combination with ApaCare Poli..
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