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ELGYDIUM CLINIC SENSITIVE is a toothbrush designed for effective, extra-smooth brushing of sensitive teeth and gums.Its bristles have a conical shape, with a base diameter of 0.18 mm and decrease until reaching 0.01 mm at the end of the bristle, ensuring exceptionally smooth brushing.PRODUCT ADVANTA..
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Elgydium clinic x orthopocket toothbrush
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The Elgydium Clinic X Orthopocket toothbrush is a brush for adults indicated in orthodontics.It has filaments with X cross-section and folding cable.Thanks to its size, it is ideal for carrying on different occasions, such as for your holidays...
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Elgydium Orthoprotect Wax
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Model: 318591
Orthoprotect Elgydium Wax are wax bars that are used to coat brackets and other parts of orthodontic appliances and thus protect the oral mucosa and gums against abrasion and minor injuries caused by them. The wax is molded and placed on the structures of orthodontic appliances, especially in the sh..
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Elgydium Sensileave Gel Elgydium Sensileave Gel
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ELGYDIUM CLINIC SENSILEAVE GEL is a dental gel for immediate and effective pain relief caused by dentin hypersensitivity ("sensitive teeth"), right on the first application. Reinforced effect after one month of continuous use. Its exclusive formula helps to form a protective barrier that blocks the ..
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Elgydium Trio Compact 4 Interdental Brushes
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Model: 310515
ELGYDIUM TRIO COMPACT INTERDENTAL BRUSHES is the only compact and practical system that combines three brushes in a single handle.It contains 2 0.7mm thin brushes, 2 1.3mm wide and 2 1.6mm wide, adapting to different interdental spaces...
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Model: 722527
The anti-plaque Elgydium Clinic Expanding dental floss favors the elimination of plaque and the prevention of cavities.This dental floss is made up of 276 finely interwoven filaments that expand, by mechanical action, between the teeth allowing greater plaque removal.This dental floss has a pleasant..
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Model: 144544
Elugel is indicated in situations where local conditions do not allow for rigorous oral hygiene after periodontal surgery or implantation. After dental extraction or other surgeries. In individuals who can not perform effective brushing due to a psychomotor deficiency. When brushing is difficult bec..
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