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Feeder "Learning to eat" Feeder "Learning to eat"
Available within a week
Model: SR2555
Load it with fruits, vegetables, cheeses, cookies, ... without risk, since only the juices and nutrients pass through the mesh. With ice or frozen fruit will relieve your baby during teething...
Ex Tax:4.52€
Model: SR1510
A comfortable, easy and safe method of administrating medicine or vitamins to your baby...
Ex Tax:5.33€
Model: SR1516
Pacifier Thermometer Saro measures baby's temperature quickly and easily, within minutes...
Ex Tax:3.77€
Model: SR2340
Often, when your child is playing, the outlets in the chain attract your attention dangerously. The plug for the sockets is plugged into the mains by means of a very simple and practical adhesive system, which is no longer a risk. It avoids the danger while allowing the outlet always ready to use, t..
Ex Tax:3.84€
Toothbrush "Thimble" with box Toothbrush "Thimble" with box
Available within a week
Model: SR0928
With this simple thimble-tooth brush, you can clean their teeth; and with the raised part you can make a gentle massage in the gums, which will relieve the discomfort caused by the appearance of their first teeth...
Ex Tax:6.08€
Model: SR2794
It produces a cold vapor that does not condense and prevents bacteria from proliferating in the environment.In addition, you can add the essential oil that you like best, to enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy in your home.Create a relaxing environment for your baby to help you relax and unwind; ..
Ex Tax:39.39€
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