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Dry Mouth

Dry Mouth
Miradent Tong-Clin Set Miradent Tong-Clin Set
Available within a week
Model: 630060
Kit with soft tongue cleaning gel and tongue scraper, ideal for daily tongue hygiene.The Gel helps to remove the superficial layers of the tongue through the application of antibacterial ingredients directly on the back of the tongue. It is a natural product, with chamomile, sage and nail polish for..
Ex Tax:5.29€
Model: 630223.
Helps in case of dry mouthReduces mouth drynessWith protective lysozyme enzymeMaintains the oral mucosaPlaque-reducing and remineralizing..
Ex Tax:3.01€
Aquamed® Spray
Available two/three weeks
Model: 630164
AQUAMED Miradent Candy has been developed with the support of dental experts, especially to meet the needs of people who suffer from dry mouth.Contains an endogenous enzyme (Lysozyme) and calcium lactate that stimulates the remineralization of teeth.- Increase saliva production;- Inhibits plaque and..
Ex Tax:4.35€
Model: 630059
Lingual cleansing gel with a nourishing effect• Gently removes lingual residue• Nourishes with chamomile, sage and calendula• Depresses the tongue with a lasting freshness sensation• Alcohol free..
Ex Tax:3.16€
Xeros Mouthwash Xeros Mouthwash
Available within a week
Model: 6875120
To complete brushing, we recommend the use of specific oral antiseptics that help relieve dry mouth, keeping the mouth lubricated and protecting the oral cavity from possible external aggressions...
Ex Tax:9.33€
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