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Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity
Model: 630169
Toothpaste with a protective layer of hydroxyapatite remineralizing (HAP) and potassium ions that reduce the hypersensitivity of the teeth.Daily care with mirasensitive hap + help protect your teeth from pain. In addition, fluoride and xylitol protect against tooth decay...
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Model: 1001620
ApaCare & Repair intensive repair is very highly enriched with medical hydroxyapatite (liquid tooth enamel), which coats your teeth with a protective layer, whitens them to a high gloss and impregnates them to repel bacteria or plaque. Sensitivities can be soothed, incipient caries, pores and ro..
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Model: 1001619
ApaCare toothpaste contains liquid tooth enamel (medical hydroxyapatite) in addition to sodium fluoride (1450 ppm F-). This highly active mineral is deposited on or into the tooth surface during tooth brushing. The carefully selected ingredients clean thoroughly, fluoride and liquid enamel nourish, ..
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ApaCare - varnish (whit brush) 5ml ApaCare - varnish (whit brush) 5ml
Available two/three weeks
Model: 1040200
Natural, mineralizing dental bonding varnish with 20% medical hydroxyapatite (liquid tooth enamel), shellac-based, self-curing. After curing, a durable, protective, biocompatible varnish layer forms, this swells in the oral cavity by absorbing water from saliva and continuously releases the hydroxya..
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Electric Brush Oral-B Pro 3 Gum Care Electric Brush Oral-B Pro 3 Gum Care
Available within a week
Model: 7081711
Oral-B Pro 3 Electric Toothbrush Gum Care is an electric toothbrush designed exclusively for people with sensitive gums and teeth.It helps you brush for 2 minutes thanks to the professional timer, which notifies you every 30 seconds to change the brushing area.Provides a deep cleaning with 360º pres..
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Elgydium Sensileave Gel Elgydium Sensileave Gel
Available within a week
ELGYDIUM CLINIC SENSILEAVE GEL is a dental gel for immediate and effective pain relief caused by dentin hypersensitivity ("sensitive teeth"), right on the first application. Reinforced effect after one month of continuous use. Its exclusive formula helps to form a protective barrier that blocks the ..
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Model: MARAAK02
Protection and teeth lightening in one – 2-fold effective formula for a natural tooth white and protects against pain sensitivity, ideal for teeth cleaning and light teeth whitening.Natural white teeth – gentle bleaching for your teeth on a natural activated carbon base. The teeth are gently cleaned..
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Model: 7081703
Oral-B Pro 5 Electric Toothbrush Cleaning, Protection and Guidance is an ideal electric toothbrush for professional quality cleaning and protection of your teeth.Equipped with Bluetooth and smart monitoring app, to guide brushing according to dentists recommendation.It helps you brush for 2 minutes ..
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Model: 120220080
Oral gel formulated with a high concentration of potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride, reduces tooth and gum sensitivity in severe cases that require immediate pain relief.Allows local application to the affected area...
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Model: 120220502
Presents: Vitamin E and Provitamin B5, Potassium Nitrate and Sodium Fluoride.Uses:- Oral hygiene in cases of tooth sensitivity.- Prevention of dental caries.- The joint action of active principles also provides maintenance of the gums...
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Sensikin Oral Kit
Available within a week
In this kit we brought together all the products in the Sensikin range, to ensure that you find in one pack everything you need for proper oral hygiene for the treatment of tooth sensitivity.This kit includes: Sensikin Mouthwash Presents: Vitamin E and Provitamin B5, Potassium Nitrate..
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Model: 219170.9
Tooth sensitivity is manifested as acute pain in response to an external stimulus (food, hot or cold drinks, tooth brushing, whitening treatments, etc.). It is very important to use appropriate products to treat tooth sensitivity, since pain hinders proper dental hygiene and therefore increases the ..
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Remin Pro Remin Pro
Available within a week
Model: C23749
Fluoride and hydroxyapatite tooth protection creamIndications- After tooth whitening- After professional prophylaxis- Prevention and control of dentin hypersensitivity- During orthodontic treatmentAdvantages- Contains fluorine (1,450 ppm of sodium fluoride), hydroxyapatite and xylitol- It balances t..
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