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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening
Carebrush® white
Available two/three weeks
Model: 630190
Toothbrush with whitening effectThe brush head contains special rubber coverslips that thoroughly clean while giving the teeth a natural whitening effect;Spiral bristles on the front of the brush head optimize access to hard-to-reach areas;The crossed bristles support the complete cleaning of the in..
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Model: MARAAK02
Protection and teeth lightening in one – 2-fold effective formula for a natural tooth white and protects against pain sensitivity, ideal for teeth cleaning and light teeth whitening.Natural white teeth – gentle bleaching for your teeth on a natural activated carbon base. The teeth are gently cleaned..
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Model: 630123
Intensive cleaning for bright white teeth• Immediate lighting effect• Restores natural tooth color• Multiple effectiveness innovation• Contains xylitol and sodium fluoride (1,450 ppm) that prevent tooth decay..
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Model: 120410002
The gel is formulated with carbamide peroxide (3%), a proven bleaching agent, widely used in professional treatments in dental clinics. The toothpaste is formulated with lactoperoxidase (5%), the natural enzyme with a dual function, to accelerate and improve the bleaching effect and to protect the o..
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