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Model: 630162
Prosthesis box, orthodontic work, etc.Height: 2.5 centimeters. Stable transport and storage. Impact-resistant, secure pressure closure with small ventilation openings...
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Model: 630044
Contains:-3 Plaque Developing Tablets- observation mirror that allows you to easily detect those dental areas that are more difficult to observe and that need to be washed...
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Model: BABU03
Bamboo brush transport caneIdeal for carrying toothbrush while traveling;With holes in the base and top to air...
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Model: BABU09
Babu toothbrush cane for kids, ideal for carrying the toothbrush of the little ones.With 17cm in height and 2.5cm in diameter, it is the ideal size to fit any suitcase or backpack.Made 100% in bamboo, this portable box, besides helping to prevent odors, bacteria or dust, will allow the transport and..
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Corega Orthodontic Braces and Gouts: cleans, refreshes and protects orthodontic appliances and guttersCorega Orthodontic Braces and Gouts meets the needs of users of orthodontic appliances and gutters and its formula cleans effectively without damaging ††:Eliminates 99.99% of bad breath bacteria * 1..
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Model: 355141
Impact resistant, has a safety closure and is ventilated.4cm height- Available in white, pink and blueBox for transporting dentures, orthodontic appliances, etc...
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Hourglass timer Hourglass timer
Available within a week
Amusing hourglass used as a timer, which motivates children to brush their teeth, indicating the ideal brushing time: 2 minutes..
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Model: 630100
Fun toothbrush holders.These fun toothbrush holders can be fixed to any flat surface thanks to suction cups made of rubber. The unique pressure spring design allows the toothbrush to be easily engaged and disengaged from the holder. There is also a ventilation opening to allow sufficient air circula..
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Model: 630068
Child Appropriate HourglassUse as a timer for toothbrushingRunning time: 2 minutesAttachable to any smooth surface with attached suction cup..
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Miradent Mouth Mirror - Blue
Available within a week
Model: 630065
Disposable Plastic Mirror• The flat angled mirror head reaches all regions in the mouth• New anti-fog coating• Ergonomic finger shape handle• For home tooth control• Diameter 23 mm / no. 5..
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Model: 3830062
TePe EasyPick™ is the next generation toothpicks. Daily use keeps gum and teeth healthy and fresh.It is an easy and efficient way to clean between the teeth. The unique combination of materials makes it flexible, durable and comfortable to use. Developed in close collaboration with dental exper..
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Observation Kit
Available within a week
Model: 630160
The Observation Kit offers a set of interdental care:• For efficient cleaning of grooves, interdental spaces and bridges• Handle allows for safe and precise use• Groove brush end holder with replacement storage compartmentbrushes• Anti-fog coated mouth mirror for immediate self-control• Plaque devel..
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